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Steps To Plan A Corporate Event

January 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Steps To Plan A Corporate Event

A corporate event can be held for various reasons such as a product launch, client entertainment, employee training or simply letting the workers have some fun. Organizing a corporate event is no easy task as it relates to your company’s image and hence any mistake will be highlighted on the news the next day. So here are some of the easy steps for you to follow to ensure all aspects have been taken care of and the event runs smoothly.

  1. Know the details

The 5W framework is a must to begin planning any kind of event. Who are the guests? What are we planning to provide to them? When will this take place? Where will it be held and why, what is the purpose of the event? If you get all details straight, you can easily provide necessary information when your boss asks for it. If you are interested about Mini Party Sets you can visit this website

  1. Decide on a budget

Funds are the biggest constraint when it comes to anything. You might have all sorts of plans; however you may not be able to execute them if you don’t have enough money. Also, you won’t be spending your own money but your boss’s and hence it is vital you decide on a budget with his approval. No matter what decision you take, be it hiring the decorator, venue or buffet caterer, compare your options carefully and take the decision after notifying your boss.

  1. Pick a theme

Picking a theme will make your event interesting and fun. You can base your location, food, décor and music on the selected theme. For example, you can order for Chinese New Year catering in Singapore, for such a celebration. The theme of the event will depend on the type of event you are planning to host. A pirate theme would suit an informal get together but not a formal dinner party.

  1. Find a venue

The venue takes up most of the funds and hence needs to be carefully decided on. Visit a few places, consider location, capacity, costs, parking facilities etc. so that it will give maximum convenience for your guests. You can set up a few meetings, negotiate and arrive at a reasonable price. Check for package deals and also credit card discounts. The venue will also depend on the theme or type of event. An outstation lakeside cabin will be ideal for an executive retreat but not for a conference obviously.

  1. Send invitations

Most of you might not pay much attention to the invitations; however it sets the first impression on the event. If you send poorly designed invitations, your guests will feel like it’s not going to be a huge success. Also, make sure you invite media personnel so that your event gains full coverage and attention that it deserves.