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Organizing A Fashion Show

March 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Organizing A Fashion Show

Putting together a show that will be remembered is no easy task. Be it for a well reputed company, individual designer or an up and coming trendsetter, it’s important to keep it interesting and creative. Every designer will want to be presented well. Your work has to be so good that the next time a show needs to be put together, they consider hiring you again. So break into a few must dos and wow your clients away.

Have a good budget
The best part of being an organiser is that you won’t have to worry about pocketing your money for anything much. But you will have to come up with a great budget and plan so that it will be approved by whoever is going to pay for it. Meet up with different teams that will be involved in the different aspects of the show. Discus the event in detail and draw up a plan. From the disc jockey to the food and beverage team, you need to discuss.

Advertise the show
Work with a team who will handle the public relations and marketing. It’s important that you send out invitations to potential buyers and investors. Getting the word out in the right manner is important. Hire someone who can handle the banner printing in Singapore for the show. These will make huge impressions and double up as advertising. Place them in key locations for best response.

Organize the media
Social media has become one of the main ways to get hot news out fast. No longer do we have to wait to hear or see pictures from a show. Getting a team of professionals to take care of live media coverage will be great. Place certain areas for this team to be seated, that way they will have clear access to the stage and proper view of the notable guests.

Backstage moments
Every media person will want to have access to the backstage, even if it’s only for a few minutes. This will work favourably for both the media house as well as the designers. You could even set up an area where the media is able to have a quick chat with the models, designers and other individuals’ back stage. Place a relevant portable backdrop stand, which will create a great spot for some fun interviews.

It is a fun event to take charge of, but it is also a lot of work. A well planned and organized team can make such a night a success to be remembered.