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Ideas For Sweet Gifts To Give Your Kids

February 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Ideas For Sweet Gifts To Give Your Kids

Kids are easy to please and even easier to buy gifts for. But sometimes we tend to think more on the idea of giving them something practical than something fun as we want the kids to be more qualified than us when they grow up. But gifts should be bordering on fun and exciting than on educational, so make sure to give them some sweet fun gifts to keep them laughing. In today’s age more and more kids are getting involved with the technological inventions and you will be hard pressed to find a kid who does not own some form of a portable device. So thinking ahead, here are some gift ideas for you to think of.

Galaxy ZEGA Battle Tanks

Suited for kids aged 4-7 years, these battle tanks can be controlled through your smartphone and will run around in your living room/ turned battle ground. The package comes with little ZEGAs (tiny tanks) and a compartment that you need to set up to run the tanks in. this is a bit of a strategic game as much as a learning opportunity for your kids to make plans ahead and execute them. The app lets you control the mini tank and also comes with game options such as bonus powers, locked skills, lifetime extensions and such. You can teach your kid to strategize and effectively implement a plan during this game.

Anki Cozmo

A cool and cute robot that learns as it hangs out with you, your kid can name it and hang out with the robot as he or she is studying to take off some of the boredom. The personality of the robot changes as it learns the habits and behaviour of the person it spends time with. This was named one of the hottest tech toys for the year 2016. If the Cozmo’s price is a little high then you can always go to foot massager and share it with the kids anyway.

Play Doh TOuch Shape to Life Studio

If the regular play doh is not your kid’s thing anymore, then this is the new invention by the brand to deal with the rising technological aspects. The iOS run software by Hasbro will allow your kid to input his Play Doh creations into the software and play with online. You can take a picture of the Play Doh creation and then upload it to the studio and it will make it into a 3D animation for your kid to play with and interact it. You can teach your kid the very basics of online designing.

For those who have older and adult kids then going for that mens cologne will be better as the tech toys that they would want will break your bank account most likely.

Most of the new gift items that are coming up are more inclined to be technologically enhanced or just pure technology. It will be a good idea to get your kids involved in these aspects of the world as it will make it easier for them.