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Handy Wedding Hacks Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Know

January 29, 2018 | Comments Off on Handy Wedding Hacks Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Know

It is undoubtedly a lot easier to assess and analyse weddings you attend, but a whole other story when it comes to your own. When you realize just how many things there are to do and keep an eye on it does make you want to consider eloping, because that would be so much easier. But if this is not entirely realistic or practical to you, then organizing a wedding it is, so if you are newly engaged, then you should get the motor running as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, take a look at these handy wedding hacks to help you improve efficiency and maintain your sanity!

Accentuate Instead Of Overwhelm

As much as you want your wedding to resonate and be memorable, you do not want to overdo. When there is too much going on it can be difficult to pinpoint the key features that make it memorable in the first place. Use certain wedding props to accentuate, say the wedding arch for instance, the centrepieces and the head table décor. This is also great for absolutely stunning wedding photography, since certain props can be used as backdrops.

Bake Your Cake

You may argue that ordering and buying the cake instead will be a whole lot easier, but if you are planning to get married in say, a year’s time, you have enough of time to bake your own cake. Not only does this give your wedding a very personal touch, you and your guests get to enjoy delicious, home-made wedding cake that will be a talking point. Nowadays, almost everyone tends to order and deliver their cakes, but baking it yourself will add so much more to the personality of the wedding as a whole.

Plan Your Hair

Why, because this pretty much dictates what your accessories will be like. Do you need to wear a necklace at all, or do you want long, drop-down earrings? You should not go overboard with your outfit once again, because you want it to capture attention not detract from it. You can browse through magazines with various wedding hairstyles before you even go shopping for a dress, so you also know what sort of neckline you want. Plus, you also get to ensure your wedding photographer in Singapore captures you in your best form yet, and hair has a significant impact on how you look.


You may have frowned at this point in confusion, but hear us out. Much as you may not like to focus on the bad right now, every practical bride should. In fact, every 21st-century person should. We have access to a lot more information that has shown us in the past that anything can happen when you least expect it; and though this does not necessarily mean the groom has taken off, it could mean dealing with a fire or natural disaster for example. So get an insurance cover, especially for destination weddings which can cost considerably.