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Are You Raising Your Child In A Multilingual Environment?

February 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Are You Raising Your Child In A Multilingual Environment?

Many parents in modern families have different native languages while a certain regional or international language is spoken or taught in schools. With most children going to international schools, the standard language that is taught is English with options to take up certain other languages as second or third language at a later stage. However, children become receptive to language skills at an early age, even before school begins. Hence, the languages that are spoken at home would influence them accordingly.

A multilingual environment

When parents speak two or three different languages at home, it can lead to delay in picking up languages in children. It is best that a baby is spoken to in a primary language, especially when they are picking up words for the first time. As babies mimic mouth movements and sounds, hearing similar sounds, words and actions can help them correlate and pick up such words faster. Many parents who wish to have their children picked up their native Chinese language can look at Chinese enrichment for preschoolers programs.

Teaching two or more languages to children

Normal children are known to be able to pick up languages easily, especially if they are exposed to them from an early stage. However, the way languages are spoken to them and how they pick them up also matters. The best way to help a child get acquainted with a language is to speak the same to them in a consistent manner along with showcasing videos or pictures of them along with the right words. For older children it is best to converse with them and help them pick up different languages. Regular practice in the form of conversations and interactions or exercises can help develop multilingual skills in a child at a young age. Parents who are working and are unable to spend much time with their children can send them to Chinese lessons for kids Singapore for teaching them Chinese as a native or second language.

Get expert help

Many parents feel frustrated when their children seem to be disinterested to learn a second or native language at home. As many urban cities have an international setup with children learning international languages and interacting in the same, many parents fear that native languages can get lost in their next generation. For such reasons it is important that children get the right environment where learning a native language is fun and a common thing with other chairmen. For such reasons, enrolling children in a native language based learning program will help stimulate learning the language as well as associated culture.