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Advantages Of A Developing World

March 1, 2017 | Comments Off on Advantages Of A Developing World

The world we live in keeps developing every single year. This is seen by the new products and services that are offered to us. Due to companies crossing national borders and technological developments we have grown very quickly. Companies have forced each other to keep producing goods that will always satisfy the customer so this means that the goods have to be of good quality, they should have a reasonable price and they also should be innovative. Due to technological developments customers are expecting products and services which are technologically advanced, innovation has become a basic requirement for the customer.

What do companies have to do?

Website design is something that companies have to focus on. They should make websites that are responsive and that are mobile friendly. This will help customers buy their products and get to know about them more.

Web design has many areas and will include areas like interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization etc.

Having a website is a basic need of the company and if they do not have a well-developed one then they will be at an advantage when they are compared to their competitors that has build up brand online.

There are more opportunities for people

The world is developing at such a rapid rate that the opportunities for people in most countries have increased. Due to companies crossing national borders people don’t have to move abroad to get jobs instead good jobs are coming to them. This means that people won’t have to leave their families and go abroad instead they can get good jobs and stay with their families.

Better education for most people

Many people are moving abroad to get better education. People who come from countries which are underdeveloped are no moving to developed countries to pursue and enhance their education. This means that people from different cultures mix and get to know each other better. When people from different backgrounds and cultures get to know each other they become more accepting. This means that there will be less conflict because people will understand and accept other people’s differences.

Development also has its disadvantages

There has been more deforestation due to companies moving aboard. Also many multinational companies have moved to less developed countries and have taken advantage of the less strict environmental rules and regulations that are set in those countries. They do this because developed countries normally have good rules and regulations that make it more expensive to operate in. There are also more factories so that means increased emissions of harmful gases.